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I love the Keto Diet so much, I had to create a website about it.

Many new and exciting Keto discoveries are being made every day.

Keto for Weight Loss is the least interesting of the benefits.

Countless people have discovered a boost in energy, health and mental alertness through Keto but that’s not all.

Many have reported profound benefits and improvements to the brain, aiding in MS, Dementia, Stroke, mental illness, such as schizophrenia and psychosis.

Keto is also showing amazing benefits to conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, psoriasis, candida, cancer, and all manner of incurable and life stunting problems. Keto also looks to be essential in the combat of diseases like hepatitis.

How can keto be linked to the healing and improvement of all these things?

Well maybe , just maybe SUGAR is that bad for us.

It all seems to link back to gut health and damaged micro-biome due to bacterial and fungal overgrowth, which is stimulated via excess sugars in the system. Both in the blood stream and in the gut itself. Whats more leaky gut from the bacterial and sugar damage feeds toxins from the gut into the blood and across the blood brain barrier.

Throw the body into ketosis, and all the bad things that feed on glucose and lactose and simple sugars, become starved. Starve them and they can’t compete, and they die off, taking their toxins with them. Maybe that’s a cancer that has no way to metabolize protein and fat, and you’ve just saved your life.

So Ketoric was created as a place to explore keto and it’s wonders. Just maybe Keto is the break through of the century and will radically change the medical statistics of the world of our future. It’s certainly looking like a key tool in life style strategies for health as we move ahead.

So I hope ketoric will be able to provide valuable articles, reviews and research on keto, through yummy recipes and amazing insights. I welcome you to join us on a fascinating journey of discovery as we look more into Keto and build a community of keto enthusiasts.

Love and peace
Ruth and Anthony

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